Early Ojibwe By Chase Johnson

Winter Biboon

Winter foods of Ojibwe

The Ojibwe where a group that lived in the northern half of Minnesota. The men and boys hunted Deer, Elk, Moose. If the people had too much meat the women would cut the meat into extra strips and dried them to be eaten later. If the other people in the village did'nt have enough food the hunters would have to give some away to the people who where low on food. Sometimes hunters would go for smaller animals so they could keep supplied.

Winter activities of Ojibwe

The Ojibwe still did activities in the winter. The children would sled on toboggans or birch bark when there was a'lot of snow.They would race down the hill and through the woods. Sometimes they would play a game of snow snake, They would throw a smooth wooden stick and would see who's would go the farthest. Sometime's they would go in'to the storytellers lodge and listen to stories when it got dark and it was cold outside. In febuary and march they started to get ready to go to there spring camp.