poetic termes

personification: a person or thing typifying a certin qualifying

simile: a comparison using like or as

metaphor: a comparison not using like or as

hyperbole: a figure of speech

theme: a topic...

literary non fiction

biography: an accuse in a person life written.

autobiography: a ografiy by a person by that person.

memoir:is a simile story or apart of their life.

personal narrative: is obrsman story Murphy.

diary: a small book with a space for each day.

plot elements

plot elements: setting,characters,cause,conflict,rising action,climax,falling action,resolution,theme

Point of view

Point of view: the perspective of the narrative voice.


Is the act of process


We after find our selves creating

Making connections

A main point summary reads much like an article.

Theme in fiction

The subject of a piece of writing.

Comparative and superlative

Are special forms of a directive

irregular verbs

are those that fall out side the standard patterns.

prepositional phrases

at the minimum,will begin with a object.

simple and compound sentences

is a sentence that had the subject.