Learning Technology @ JSL Updates


Nearly all year groups have completed ePIPs - our thanks [Rachel and Joanne] to all who supported the assessments, and for your patience and creativity to find solutions when faced with challenge.

Special thanks goes to Alex and Amanda - we couldn't have done it without you :-) !

iCT Friday Drop-Ins

Friday, June 28th 2013 at 12:30-1:15pm

640 Vrouw Avenweg

The Hague, ZH

What are Drop-Ins ?

An opportunity on Friday lunchtimes to come along and explore iPads, software and ask any ICT questions you may have.

Who runs them ?

Miss Iles and some of our JSL Digital Leaders.

This term we will have iPads, and ICT skills at the ready.

Added Extra :

Those of you who are not yet familiar with the ins and outs of an iPad can also work through a course that leads to a proficency certificate.

Why are we running them ?

Whilst coming along will take some of your lunchtime, it is a great chance to explore something new with people on hand to walk you through. Naturally, the ultimate aim is for you to then think about building some of what you have discovered into your teaching.

Do I need to register ?

The sessions are informal - however, I will leave a sign up sheet in the staffroom so that we can gauge how many people may be attending each week. In September I will let you know about the dates for Autumn term drop-ins.

Mobile Devices and Modelling Appropriate Behaviour

Last term we spoke to Y6 to remind them about appropriate behaviour on 1:1 devices, messaging and accessing their devices at the right time. As a staff we also need to become more aware of our use of devices at school.

One thing we have noticed in Y6 is that having a device near you can 'call you' to check it a little too often. As adults, we've no doubt all been guilty at some point of feeling the need to respond to every notification that pings in on our devices too !

However, in these mobile times, we shouldn't be asking students to do what we are not doing ourselves.

The LTM team is in the process of updating the BSN e-Safety Policy and Responsible User Agreements [RUA] for students and staff and will be doing some work on this with you during INSET in September. The agreements will feature some definite 'green pen' issues about device management.

Please can I stress to everyone a few things that have been noticed and we should endeavour to stop:

  • checking personal devices, particularly mobile phones while working with children or during shared events, e.g. assemblies
  • messaging while working with children
  • being on email during teaching time with students present either on pc or other device

Naturally if a mobile device is being used to record assessment, or strategically as part of a lesson with use focused on learning then that is acceptable - even then, using the device should not seperate/exclude you from the children in your charge. If you are unsure on any of the above, I am happy to talk it through with you.

Here's an interesting article I found that's worth a read and definite 'food for thought'. It's about productivity with some reference to technology. Anyone feel like confessing?

Student Voice - Amrish's ICT in Action News

Y6 began their three week placement in 6 departments at our BSN Business Units last week. Amrish's independently volunteerd to write, edit and film a video article about his experiences. He joined us from Dutch education in March 2013 and has flourished into a very responsible Y6, nearly Y7er with ever growing confidence in speaking in English.

Well done and over to you Amrish !