Nuclear Fusion Break Through

Dr.Eddison & Dr.Black have just made History!

Who, What, Where, When, How and Why?

Dr.Eddison and Black are environmental activist searching for new ways to obtain energy! They wanted something bigger than just small power sources. "I just knew we could get more." Black says; and so they did! At 12:00 Pm Black and Eddison decided to set out a magnetic panel. A panel they've been working on for 5 years hoping to receive the results they've been longing for. And so they did! Results were almost unbearable Black says now powering her home; she says the results couldn't get any better! (coming to a home near you)

Meet the MasterMind

Hello my name Jada Black and I am the scientist who was partnered in making the break through device that obtains nuclear fusion. If you don't know how important fusion could be in dummy words; fusion could help the ability to power the world. Fusion is a mass natural make of energy that can easily cure all pollutions and gives us unlimited masses of energy. Curing every power shortage, every energy based products flaw. Though it sound remarkably solid, nuclear fusion cannot be instantly applied to our lives simply because of safety hazards and its ability to easily be mishandled.