all of my poems


LIFE WHEN I WAS/ ode to pastrami sandwich/P.E./Elegy to Roxy


A lot of playing

Needed a lot of love

The pain in the butt

Half naked all the time

Only watch spider-man cartoons

Nap a lot

Yelling and screaming

Sleep a lot

A lot of laughing

Bouncing on my bed

Ice cream was life

Needed a lot of rice crisps

A lot of spider-man stuff


Oh pastrami sandwich

Why do you taste so good

It does best with

French fries and a coke

Oh my favorite place is

Bobo's and Tom's because my

Food is there

Bobo's and Tom's were only 10 minutes away

Oh in LA

My favorite food is over there

I would do anything to

Have a pastrami sandwich


I remember P.E.

It was amazing

I remember the dodge ball's flying

It hurt when you get hit in the face

Elegy to Roxy

Oh the little little

Puppy she is only 6 mouths

Her little legs

Oh her little mouth and nose

I love when she

Chances her own

Little tail

She walks with attitude

When I come home

She just want to play and go on walks

I'm going to miss when

She is not a puppy any more

nature/Life Is Like/ The Fat Sea Horse/ FROG LEGS/LIFE WHEN I'M 33

Yellow and green bee pollen
Bird's flapping there wing's
Freshly water grass
Fresh and yellow gauze's
Ant's clawing on my feet

Life Is Like

Life is like a mountain

Because it has high

And low's also

Hard and ruff's

Mountains can break

But they can get back up

Mountains are hard

Life can be to

The Fat Sea Horse

In the sea

The beautiful sea

A fat seahorse

name Fatsea

Fatsea was trying

To be a racing seahorse

But he can't because

He is fat

Fatsea is trying

So so hard to

Become a racing seahorse

Fatsea is still fat


I ate at the Asian Buffet

I ate frog leg's, steamed green bean's, and rice

I ate until I was as big as a whale

I love the salt and pepper frog legs

The food was as good as mama's cooking

The frog legs were hopping around in my mouth

The frog leg's is my 5th favorite good


A model for a wife

Need a big house

Train MMA

Have millions of dollars

Only have 4 kids

Not to eat unhealthy

Yelling fans

Stand in front of millions of people

A role model to kids

Become a UFC champion

I’m a UFC fighter

Never lose

All the fast cars