The Rosetta stone

The Key to unlocking heirogliphics

The ancient language

The ancient eygptians didn't always use the language we know of now. At first they just used memory and well that's it. They didn't have pencil and paper back then. They decided that they needed a way of keeping track of their trade,crops, and animals. The word hierogliphic means "scared inscription." Each letter stood for a sound for example if you were to spell knee there would only be letters for nee because the k is silent in the word.Get it now?But just because they invented a new language doesn't mean they are going to keep it. They took too much time to draw so they came up with an evan faster on called hieratic. Then that got to slow for them so again they made up an evan faster one know as demotic.

the key

The Roaetta stone is one of the most important found eygptian artifact. Why? Well when Napoleon discovered it in 1799 he claimed it his,but when he lost the battle it then became Brittish property. They displayed it in their large museums to be the proud owners. But why it was diffrent from just any ordinary rock? It had three diffrent languages hand written on it. There was greek,demotic, and the most common heiroglipics. it had three sections on it with the exact same thing (with slight diffrences) every single time. Therefore making it of many value. We decoded the ancient language after figuring out what the greek third said and therfore knowing what the demotic third said also.(we knew greek and demotic)After we knew what the greek and demotic thrid's said it gave us an idea of what the heirogliphic part said. After many months (or years) one of our scientists by the name of  Jean Francois decoded the ancient language.

How the Rosetta stone got it's name

Napoleon found it in Rosetta but that wasn't the first thing they named it. The first name for the Rosetta stone was The Khito stone.But they didn't like that so it was changed to the Poulbotine stone. But that didn't quite roll off the tounge as good as Rashit.Or Rashid.But they finaly settled on the Rosetta stone.

What they wrote on and with

 Paper,pencil,pen,staionary all those goodies that we have were not as good as ours are. You see back then the eygptians didn't have all the good and improved things we do. For paper they used a common weed called papyrus. They dried it,thined it, and glued it together with resin to create a surface that you could write on. For a pen or pencil they used a pointed reed or a stick.
This is the full sized Rosetta stone standing high and proud on it's perch.