West Europe

by:Jessica M Caitlin B


Major Languages: French and Breton

Capital: Paris

Location: Europe

Life Expectancy: 82.57

Population: 66.03 million

Major Landforms: South-West French Alps, Gorges Du Verdon Canyon, Loire River www.U.S.A today.com

Architectural: Gothic art, Lodi Vault, Lodi, Noyon www.Architectural In France.com

Major Bodies Of Water: White Sea, Mediterranean Sea, North Sea www.France Atlas.com

Major Cities In France: Paris, Nice, and Nantes www.google.com

Climate: Warm and Dry during the summer Oct-Apr is mild and damp and snows three to six months a year cold in Winters www.google.com

Food: Cheese and Wine

Major Holidays: 1January; May Day or Labor day,1May; World War 2 Victory Day-8 May

Music: Pop, Rock and Roll, and Love songs. www.BillBoard.com

Interesting Facts: 20% of French people Parisian region, 1964 women can finally open a bank account without ask for the husbands permission, 40% of the immigrants live in Paris.

Animals: Red Deer, Wild Boar, Fallow Deer. www.google.com

Transportation: Aircrafts, Coaches, Cars, and Trains. www.rendezvousenfrance.com