Mom and Dad

Tracking S'more


Dad impacted Paul by paying to much attention to Erik.For example, on page 233 when "Paul's dad did't know what position Paul played or how many games he has played in." Also Dad impacted Paul by not really being there for Paul since he cared more about Erik and the football dream. Dad didn't really talk to Paul much, so he wasn't like a normal father.


Mom impacted Paul by telling the Lake Windsor principle that Paul had a disability and Paul can't play soccer at Lake Windsor. Also, Mom impacted Paul by always being there when he really needed her. Also, when Mom joined the H.O.A. it impacted Paul, because he had to go to meetings and deal with Mom complaining about how the mail box was different.

Both Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad impacted Paul, by not telling him that Erik and Vincent sprayed white spray paint into his eyes, causing his bad vision. Also, they never went to any of Paul's soccer games, but went to all of Erik's football games.