How To Make A Shirt

Aldijana Draganovic

Shirt Making

Trace out a size 10 sleeve, front body and back block. Then move the shoulder dart by pivotting block 5cm under the arm hole closing the shoulder dart.
Off the sleeve shoulder remove 2cm; off the front block remove 1cm from the neckline and shoulder remove 2cm. For the back remove the shoulder dart and add 2cm on top of shoulder Line.

Trace off the front block again making it opposite to the original front block.


On the hip line measure 4.5cm and curve off. Where the waist dips in smooth out the waist so its a nice round curve and not a sharp edge, do the same to the other side.
Front block add 1.5cm on the foldline were the zip will be and add an extra 3cm.
front darts move in 2cm and the back dart move in 2.5cm to give the shirt some shape. Back dart remove and add below the shoulder line.