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Armed Officer Job Role Info

In this flyer we will be telling you what is needed to be an Armed Officer in the UK and what an Armed Officer does.

Armed forces officers work in the service of their country to defend its people’s safety and support international peacekeeping and humanitarian efforts across the globe.

Armed forces officers are responsible for defending the United Kingdom and its colonies, and for supporting international peacekeeping and humanitarian work

Choosing to work within the armed forces is as much a lifestyle choice as a career move. It is highly demanding, requiring absolute dedication and a consistently high level of mental and physical fitness. Officers face dangerous sometimes life threatening situations under immense pressure. They shoulder heavy responsibility for not just their own lives but for the lives of their subordinates as well.

Travel is a major part of the role; officers can be posted at locations around the globe. In the line of duty they have the opportunity to experience a wide range of interesting countries and cultures.

Salaries in the British armed forces vary widely across employers and ranks. They range from £12,470– £17,548 for a university cadet entrant in British Army, to £89,408 for a Royal Marine Colonel.