The Holocaust

Alex Levin Academic 3

How would you fell if you and your family were separated and shipped off to a camp where you thought you would get a shower, clean clothes, and food only to find out you were being shipped off to your death? The word Holocaust translates from the Hebrew word holokauston to Hitler's mass genocide on the Jews. Hitler's goal was to kill every single Jewish man, woman, and child. Concentration camps were created to quickly kill as many Jews as possible . There were many factors leading up to Hitler's decision to kill the Jews

Under Hitler's command, the Nazi's intended to kill every single Jewish man, woman, and child. Because the Jews refused to convert to Christianity, they were considered outcasts. Hitler blamed the Jews for the death of Christ and for Germany's loss in WW1. Concentration camps were created in Auschwitz, Chlemo, Treblinks, Sobibor,Maidance, and Belec to ship the Jews off to their death. Jews were stuffed into railroad cattle cars without food, water, or basic sanitation. They were promised showers, clean clothing, and hot soup when they reached their journey's end. Upon arriving at the camps, prisoners were welcomed with a sign for badeanstalen, or bathhouses, but these were really gas chambers instead. 6 million Jews were killed in the Holocaust under Hitler and Nazi's regime.

As a result of this great tragedy, Jews created the state of Israel. It took many years before Holocaust survivors could write and talk about their experiences. Today, millions of people each year visit Holocaust memorials such as the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C, and Auschwitz and Berlin. Hitler succeed in killing 6 million Jews and almost wiping out the entire Jewish population. Unfortunately, antisemitism still exists today and Jews are still being killed based on their religion and beliefs.