ROOM 215

Mrs. White's Team


November 16 - 20: Spirit Week (more info to come soon)

November 20: Grandparents Day (4th Grade) at 11:30

November 25-27: No School - Thanksgiving Break


READING: Students read a Reader's Theater about a group of students that help with sea turtles. We also read articles about sea turtles that went along with our story. Students also conducted research on a specific species of sea turtle.

MATH: We are really catching on to division and working hard. We will continue to practice over the next few weeks.

WRITING: Students created a story about Tom the Turkey and are continuing to write about how to hide him so that he doesn't become someone's dinner!

SCIENCE: We will be read articles about how people across the globe eat insects and how they are nutritious. We completed our activity where students had the opportunity to try an edible insect. We cannot believe how many students wanted to try one!


READING: This week students are working on finding theme in fiction. We are using our interactive journals to complete activities to help us identify theme. Students are also continuing to work on figurative language and how it is used in literature and all around us.

MATH: We are continuing to work on division.

WRITING: Students are going to finish their Tom the Turkey project and we will move on to a Totem Pole activity to tie into our Social Studies objective.

SOCIAL STUDIES: We are going to begin our unit on studying Native American tribes and how they compare to the Kanza Tribe. Students will be conducting research in groups during class and putting together a display to share with the rest of the students.