Raphael The Great

By: Tyler Mednikoff


  • Raphael was born in Urbino , Italy in 1483.
  • Raphael spent most of his life in Florence,Italy.
  • Raphael's father , Giovanni Santi taught him the rudiments of technique of painting to him.
  • Raphael travelled and painted most of his life.
  • Raphael best fit into the individualism and secularism. I chose these two because the painting he did show people doing unique poses and the painting were not very religious.
  • His partons were Pope Julius II and Pope Leo X

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Psyche In The Temple

  • This piece was created in 1658 -1670
  • This piece was done on wool and silk so he had to be very careful and gentle while painting this piece.
  • This piece to me shows that Raphael channelled ancient greek gods and included them in his work by using Ceres and Psyche . He also used a ton of detail on the way that they positioned the body's also.
  • This piece linked into Humanism because he used ancient gods in his piece.
  • I think this piece is interesting because it was from another time period beside his own.
  • It is located in the Wellington Museum


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