Inside Immersion

news for SI parents

Welcome to the publication of Inside Immersion. This is a communication intended for parents of Spanish Immersion students to provide opportunities to support Spanish language and culture. We intend to send Inside Immersion once a six weeks during the school year.

Language Building...

Through Books

There is much research available that indicates the importance of reading aloud for literacy and development. My experiences have led me to believe that reading books to children profoundly changes parenting too. I am able to better address difficult questions through books.

Through Experiences

Through Websites

Through Apps

Foreing Language Education

You're a language learner. You have grit

"There's a lot of failure in language learning. But then, how do you reach success without climbing on top of the failures?."


Big picture

Bil/ESL/Spanish Immersion

Enri Butler M.Ed. - Coordinator

Melina Wouters M.Ed - District Teacher Facilitator

Monica Ubillus - District Teacher Facilitator