University of Oregon

Eugene, Oregon

Basic school information:

  • Located in Eugene Oregon
  • Get a C- or better in 15 college preparatory courses
  • The University of Oregon's six-year graduation rate for undergraduates, 66 percent
  • 24,125 students attended the University of Oregon in 2015
  • In state tuition; $25,524, Out-of-state; $47,259
  • UO was founded in 1876
  • The campus is 295 acres in size and is situated along the Willamette River
  • 75% acceptance rate
  • 18:1 Student to Faculty ratio

How do I pay my tuition?

  • Get a job
  • Apply for student loans
  • Borrow money from my parents
  • Get scholarships from football and academics
  • Start saving up money now

Recent data:

Financial Aid Applicants - 2,893 (73.9%) of freshmen

Found to Have Financial Need - 1,963 (67.9%) of applicants

Received Financial Aid - 1,806 (92.0%) of applicants with financial need

Need Fully Met - 208 (11.5%) of aid recipients

Average Percent of Need Met - 60%

Average Award - $10,186

All about Eugene Oregon

What's the weather like in Eugene?

Eugene, Oregon, gets 46 inches of rain per year. Snowfall is 6 inches. The number of days with any measurable precipitation is 139 On average there is 155 sunny days per year in Oregon. The July is around 82 degrees and January low is 34 degrees. Our comfort index, which is high is based on humidity during the hit months, is a 65 out of 100, where higher is for comfortable.

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What're the people like in Eugene?

"The town of hippies."
This is probably the most obvious stereotype about Eugene, but really, it’s a reality because a.) it’s true, and b.) the city fully embraces it. The proof is in the city’s embrace of winning the title of the #1 U.S. City for hippies in 2013. Home to a Saturday Market where you can literally buy tie-dyed toilet paper and a County Courthouse with a “Free Speech Plaza” outside.This is a great place for you if you like white-haired dudes who drive volkswagen vans.
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What is there to do in Eugene?

  • The Oregon Country Fair.
  • U of O sporting events; Football, Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball, Softball etc.
  • Voodoo doughnuts (world renowned delicious doughnut shop).
  • The wine (Oregon’s lush climate makes for great grape growth).
  • Alton Baker Park and Hendricks Park are both beautiful recreational areas.
  • The Willamette River bike trail (“Really nice area for all kinds of recreation”).
  • Hult center for performing arts.
  • Science factory (The Science Factory is a hands-on children's museum adjacent to Autzen Stadium).
  • Oregon Air and Space museum (A really good collection from aged aircraft including the "Spruce Goose" to modern planes).
  • Sweet cheeks winery "Perfect place to relax and take in the view! Mimosa Sundays!"
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My goals in my next years in high school:

  • 3.5 average GPA.
  • Excell in all of my advanced classes.
  • Keep excelling at all sports I participate in.
  • Work hard enough to get a scholarship to the University of Oregon to play football.
  • Work towards mastering psychology with the available classes at Grants Pass High.
  • Continue on the educational path to become psychologist to eventually study at the U of O and get a degree in psych.
  • Be the best student athlete and classmate I can be to help both me and my peers succeed.