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May 4, 2018

Field Day

Last Friday, we gathered for our annual Field Day which is an important event since it brings our whole campus together. We had beautiful weather, despite some muddy areas, for our community members to be bonding outdoors, having fun and making memories. Over the years, some traditions have been built into Field Day. A few examples include the Torch Run at the beginning which the students learn beforehand where that ritual comes from and the afternoon Lap Sit game that is an exercise in cooperation, trust & coordination.

Field Day is also an opportunity for the students to show off their skills whether it be running in one of the relays, successfully throwing a frisbee through a hoop, scoring a goal or clearing a hurdle. The students love this yearly event and the spirit of good sportsmanship that is portrayed.

Dates to Remember

May 10, Thursday, 1:00 Guys & Dolls Outing (Clemson Little Theater)

May 10 - 12 Guys & Dolls, Clemson Little Theater

May 11, Friday, 11:00 Mother's Day in Primary and Lower Elementary

May 18, Friday, Father's Day in Primary and Lower Elementary

May 19, Saturday, 10:00 AM, LE/Primary Suzuki Recital (Daniel Recital Hall, AU)

May 22, Tuesday, UE/HS Suzuki Recital

May 28, Memorial Day Holiday

May 29, Tuesday, 11:00, Lower Elementary Peace Ceremony (3rd year commencement)

May 30, Wednesday, 1:00, Piping Up (Sixth Grade move into Middle School)

June 1, Friday, Last Day of School

June 2, Saturday, 10:00 AM, Graduation, Anderson University


A huge congratulations to Jenae Chiles, who yesterday won the Montessori Graduate Program Award at Lander. Jenae is an assistant in an early childhood classroom at the Montessori School of Anderson. In May she will graduate from Lander with an M.Ed. in Montessori Education and receive her AMS credential. Here she is, pictured below with Barbara Ervin of Lander University.

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