FAPS Assessment Staff Update

Office of Teaching and Learning

Dear FAPS Teachers and Staff,

In the last few weeks, I have participated in several things that prompted this communication. Some of these activities include: discussing assessment with several teachers and staff (some positive some not so positive), attending MSTEP district training information sessions and finally attending the 2018 Michigan Testing Conference.

First, assessment can be many, many things in education and it can be as big and/or as small as any one teacher or district make it. Assessment (which isn't just tests) is and always will be a part of K-12 education. We should constantly be formatively assessing and using data/feedback to determine results FOR LEARNING both for you the teacher/staff person and the students (see formative assessment article from ALN below). At the same time, we should be using summative assessments to determine OF WHAT HAS BEEN LEARNED to help determine programming and curricular direction.

Please know if I could choose how you spend any of your days with your students it would not be them taking a state or standardized assessment. However, some of the assessments we take it's not the district's choice or will not be the district's choice on administering those required/mandated assessments. In the future, we as a district will be developing our district assessment system that will include both required/mandated assessments and assessments we as a district choose to administer aligned with purpose and intention for our needs and strategic vision: a balanced assessment system (see ALN Learning Point Article Below) that values both formative and summative assessments. More to come on that, I will be asking for some of you to play a part in the development of a FAPS Assessment System. Being a part of the solution making is a constructive way to bring about change.

Lastly, because I realize no one went into education to administer state mandated or standardized tests I want to say thank you in advance. Thank you for: preparing our students so they know what the testing questions look like (i.e drag and drop, highlighting, etc...), remaining positive and a cheerleader for your students during testing, having confidence in your students that they can persevere even through long testing times and lastly realizing that although we don't have a choice in administering MSTEP, MI-ACCESS, PSAT and SAT we can help our district achieve scores that portray the awesome things we have going on with you helping us do all of the things previously mentioned.

I am hoping some of the items provided in this Smore will help prepare you and in turn prepare our students for success. I have included articles, files, screenshots (if files were too large) and if you have questions please feel free to email me.

Thanks again for all you do!



2018-18 Guide to State Assessments

-Take a look at: the changes to State Testing on page #2, the length of MSTEP tests on page #5, PSAT/SAT/ High School MSTEP info page 7-9, helpful student tech/user tutorial links on pages #15-16, and calendar of testing on page #19

ELA CHANGES 2018 Grades 3-8

MSTEP Text Dependent Analysis Rubric

All 3rd-8th Grade Students will NOW be required to write a text dependent analysis - this is the rubric for which all essays grade 3-8 will be scored with.

MSTEP Text Dependent Analysis Examples

Here are 3-4 Grade, 5-6 Grade and 7-8 Grade Examples of Text Dependent Analysis


Math MSTEP Updates Grades 3-8

Social Studies Grades 5, 8, 11 MSTEP

Science Field Testing 2018 & 2019 and Implementation 2020 Grades 5, 8, 11

Big picture
Big picture
Big picture

Changes coming Fall 2018 and Spring 2019

Big picture
Big picture
SAT Practice Khan Academy

Feel free to pass on to students so they can utilize prior to testing or spend time in SRT taking practice tests. They can also upload data from Collegeboard to customize their practice.