What to do in London

by Lachlan Keough

Do's and Don'ts in London

Do go and check everything out but Don't go and spend all of your money on the first gift shop you see, just browse around and find the best paces to eat and sleep. you'll certainly need some rest during the Games but Don't worry the Games aren't going anywhere so you won't need to panic about waking to no Olympic Games. Also Do find a hotel a fair distance away from the stadium so you Don't get woken up at midnight

GOLD, GOLD, GOLD!!!!!!!!

Everyone partaking in the Olympics has one aim: To get an Olympic gold medal and so far a lot of people have achieved that goal some people like Sally Pearson and Usain Bolt have already won gold medals and so have another 212 athletes have one not including the two I just mentioned

Thank you

Lachlan Keough