End Violence In the Gaza Strip

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Conflict between Israel and Palestine

  • they have been fighting for since the end of WWII
  • The major fighting started with the Israeli Declaration of Independence
  • The United States supported this declaration so you could argue that they are partially at fault for the continual violence
  • they are fighting for a piece of land roughly the size of Atlanta
  • over 70% of the bombing hit civilians
  • over 4,000 civilian homes have been destroyed
  • over 6,000 Palestinians have died
  • over 1,000 Israelis have died
  • Both Countries are at fault for the violence and could face potential war crimes for their military actions
  • The United States was able to reopen negotiations between the two nations in 2013 and 2014 and began to bring peace to the region until theses talks were ended when one Palestinian and three Israeli teenagers were kidnapped and killed

United States Involvement

  • The United States is one of Israel's key allies
  • We supported their Independence Declaration
  • We are putting great political pressure on the two nations to bring peace to the region
  • We do not currently have any military presence in the region


  • rights and responsibilities
  • rights and dignity of a human person

Taking Action!

  • we can't stand by and watch as innocent men women and children die
  • Join together to help end violence in this region and around the world

Motivation from John Lennon

how to get involved

  • visit OveVoice Movement's website and support their movement (see link at bottom)
  • directly email President Obama (link to White House is at the bottom)
  • attached is a pre-written message to President Obama that all you must do is copy it

Extra information

If you are looking for more information or more ways you could get involved please email me at dumab@marist.com