By:Ryan Stratton

Comets the Dirty Snowballs of space.

Asteroids are giant rocks that fly around in space.They are so big that if they landed on a small town, the comet would wipe it out.When comets hit the earth they make giant holes in the earth.Comets hit the moon and the sun.Most of the comets burn up before they hit the sun.Comets also hit the moon and make huge craters on the moon.

More comet facts.

There are very rare comets called bright comets.The comets make big holes in the earth and you can go and look at them.You can see a comet almost every night when you look up at the sky.The mass of a comet can be a million times larger than the sun.

Some pictures of comets.

More facts about comets.

Comets consist mostly of ice and dust.The debris coming off the back of the comet can be up to 10 miles long.There is a very well known comet called Haleys comet.You can see it every ten years.The comet gets closer to earth than most of the other comets.About 15% of a comet is made of frozen carbon monoxide.
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