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GCA Crusader News • Friday, June 4, 2021

Conversation is the Key

There are numerous studies showing that one of the best ways for parents to ensure that their children are achieving academically is simply to converse with them regularly. When children and teens have real conversations about real topics with older, more experienced, and knowledgeable people, they are able to develop critical thinking skills and recognize important information much more often. I like to say it this way: “I want my kids learning more from their parents, their teachers, and their pastors than from friends their age.”

This summer each of our families will likely have opportunity for some amazing conversations, and the beauty of it is that you can talk about anything. Talk about why you like a certain restaurant, what you value in a particular business, why you don’t like to visit certain tourist locations, why you are choosing not to buy something you want, the important issues in the upcoming elections, your feelings on relevant news, and the messages of the shows and movies you are watching. These conversations can be organic and based on whatever you’re doing; just ask what they think about something or if they know why it’s happening. Most importantly, talk about spiritual things because our children need to know that reality includes much more than the physical.

If you would like a resource to help you have some of these spiritual conversations, I highly recommend the book Talking With Your Kids About God by Natasha Crain. She breaks down very deep topics into easy-to-understand statements that can be applicable to a person of any age. I especially love that she doesn’t shy away from difficult topics. She encourages parents and children to meet challenges of Scripture head on and come to the right conclusion.

I hope that I, my children, you, and your children will be a few months better rather than just a few months older when we come back in August.

S. Jeff Postlewaite
Head of School

Big picture

Here’s something you already know—a lot of school activities have been vastly different this year. Although a large assembly is not possible, we still want to honor our students who have achieved so much this year. Here’s how it will work:

Awards day will not be a traditional day of school with a start time and a dismissal time. There will be no classes or student gatherings. Rather, we will have a drop-in celebration for parents and students. Parents will not drop off their students, but may accompany them to school anytime between 8:30 and 11:00. While you are here, we will have pastries, coffee, juice, and milk so you can have breakfast or a snack with your student. You will also have the opportunity to receive your students’ report cards and awards from their teachers. Pre-school and elementary teachers will be in the school cafeteria while middle school and high school teachers will be in the gymnasium.

We hope this will be a memorable time for you and your students and that we can let you know how great your students have done this year.

Mark Your Calendars

Teacher Work Day | Thursday, June 10

School will be closed as our teachers finalize the year end grades for each student.

Awards Day | Friday, June 11

Please see the description above and stay tuned for more information.

Summer Day Camp | begins Monday, June 21

You may register your students, ages 3-6th grade, in the school office.