My True Color

Steffanie Hall

In Childhood

  • I wanted to follow the rules and regulations of the school.
  • I understood and respected authority and was comfortable with academic
  • routine.
  • I was the easiest of all types of children to adapt to the education system.

In Relationships

  • I am serious and tend to have traditional, conservative views of both love and marriage.
  • I enjoy others who can work along with me, building secure, predictable relationships together
  • I demonstrate admiration through the practical things I do for the ones I love.

At Work

  • I provide stability and can maintain organization.
  • My ability to handle details and to work hard makes me the backbone of many organizations.
  • I believe that work comes before play, even if I must work overtime to complete the task.

Leadership Style

  • Expects punctuality, order, loyalty
  • Assumes “right” way to do things
  • Seldom questions tradition
  • Rules oriented
  • Detailed/thorough approach - threatened by change
  • Prolonged time to initiate any change
  • Expects people to “play” their roles

Symptoms Of A Bad Day

  • Complaining and self-pity
  • Anxiety and worry
  • Depression and fatigue
  • Psychosomatic problems
  • Malicious judgments about yourself or others
  • Herd mentality exhibited in blind following of leaders
  • Authoritarianism and phobic reactions
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3 Characteristics Are Not Like Me

  1. I don't go onto any stage to preform, I'm very shy
  2. I don't hurt the guy when I'm in a relationship
  3. I don't like any rabbits.

What job do you believe fits your personality type

I think the type of job that'll fit my personality is gaming because I really wanted to be a gamer when i grow up.

How might your color affect you at work


  1. Meet new people
  2. Can make a lot of money

  1. Can't wake up early enough to do stuff
  2. Will probably forget to post anything