No Social Media

For A Whole Day

My Life without social media

Our assignment was to see how long we could go without using social media for a day. Surprisingly I was successfully able to go without social media for the whole day. At first I thought that I wouldn’t be able to go without it; so I decided to delete anything that was associated with social media off my phone just in case I get tempted to look. Throughout the day I honestly felt like I was missing something the whole time. Every time that I got bored I would unlock my phone and try to go on social, but then I would realize that I deleted it. It made me so frustrated that the only thing that I could do was either do my homework or do chores, because nothing good was on TV. My mom was in shock once she found out that I was able to give up social media for a day, because she thinks that I can’t live without it. Then I have my friend’s texting me why I haven’t opened their snapchat or respond back to them on social media. That morning I was so eager to re-download all my apps and explain to my friends why I didn’t respond back to them. Once I re-downloaded my apps I felt whole again, it’s like missing your sister and being reunited when she comes home. In the end I was proud of myself that I was actually capable of going without social media for a whole day.