Lunar Eclipse

By Marcus Vallejo

What is a lunar eclipse?

A lunar eclipse is when the Earth is between the moon and the sun

What are the different types of eclipse?

The different types of lunar eclipses are penumbral lunar eclipse, partial lunar eclipse, and total lunar eclipse.

Where and when do lunar eclipses occur?

Lunar eclipses follow a set path. The last eclipse was seen from the Americas, the next eclipse will be visible from parts of Russia, North America, and Australia. Lunar eclipses happen when the moon is near one of its orbital nodes and the the moon, the Earth, and the sun form a straight line.

How often do eclipse happen?

There are 2 or 3 eclipses every eleven and a half months.

What is a blood moon?

The moon during the eclipse turns red causing the name blood moon.The blood moon shows religious significance. The blood moon occurs during the 2014 and 2015 passover and the October and September occur during the Feast of Tabernacle.

Interesting History

  • Lunar eclipses can only occur 3 times a year.
  • Eclipse comes from the Greek word meaning downfall.
  • Eclipses usually alternate from solar to lunar