PRIDE Newsletter

By Randy

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Welcome Sammie

In April, PRIDE class welcomed a new student named Sammie. Before she came we made a big "WELCOME Sammie" sign. PRIDE drew very big letters on a big piece of paper. We colored the letters in different markers. On the day that Sammie came we gave her a big welcome. When she saw the poster she was very happy. She still has the poster in her desk. I like having new classmates in the class because we get new friends.

Loop Bus/Daily Planet Trip

On June 1st we took a trip to the Daily Planet on a Loop bus. First we got on a school bus that sent us to the bus stop. We waited until 11:05AM when the Loop Bus came. When we got on there were 4 other people on the bus, we didn't talk to them. When we got to the Daily Planet, I pulled the string to tell the bus driver where our stop is. When we went in the Daily Planet we got our seats. Then the waitress came and asked what kind of drink we wanted. I got a Sprite. After a few minutes she asked what we wanted to eat, I got a burger and fries. When we were done eating, we paid for our lunches, I had to pay $13.58. We then tipped our waitress with the coins we were given. Finally we went back on the school bus and went back to school.
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We are on a Loop bus on the way to Daily Planet.

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We are looking at the lunch menus at the Daily Planet. Megan ordered mac and cheese, Sam picked a grilled cheese, fries and a pickle and Crew chose chicken fingers and fries.

ChooseMyPlate is a web site about staying healthy. There are many ways to stay healthy with this website. There are several types of galleries to view different types of food. The SuperTracker is a way to see how many calories we have eaten. You can set a goal to stay healthy. You can pick different foods that you had today and see how much calories you have eaten. These web sites are very great and you should try them out.


This year I went to Biology class. Some of the topics were cells, reproduction and evolution. It was some hard work. There were difficult questions. Later on, we were given books called The Living Environment. The book was about the human body and the environment around us. Each chapter had different questions for the different subjects. We often did a certain number page to do for homework. I hope I go to science class to do experiments next year.

Things to do in the summer

  1. Go to the beach
  2. Go to the city
  3. Play video games
  4. Go to Niagara Falls
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Niagara Falls

Walk around the city and go see the falls.

Sammie's Newsletter

Sammie wrote about about visiting The World Peace Sanctuary, school to work and having a new classroom.

Crew's Newsletter

Crew wrote about the Pawling Walking tour, Mrs Moore's project and he talked about what he will do this summer.

Jesus' Newsletter

Jesus wrote about books we read and learning Chinese.

Megan's Newsletter

Megan wrote about visiting Carmel High school, she talked about her summer and going to work.