Diary of a Wimpy Kid Movie Diary

Book Summary

The book tells you about al the characters.It tes you what part they do in the movie.His om is going to give them fake money called mom bucks.He finds a game thet has the sae money and takes advantage.the middle of the book shos how the made all the snow in the book.They had to get a stunt buddy to do Rowleys part.He had to fall off the bike and break his arm.he gets a cast and all the girls want to sign it.then they get chased by a kid with a stick.

My favoite part of the book

My favoite part of the book was when takes alot of mom bucks.His mom gets money from a bord game and calles it mom bucks.One day he is at his friends house and they are playing games.they play bord games.The bord game has the same money that his mom gives them for doing choresHe takes the money from the game home and stashes it under his carpet.His mom catches him and takes his money and gets grounded.

Why you should read this book

You should read this book because I think it is funny.As you read the book you will laugh.I think it one of the best book I ever read.Greg and rodrick are aways fighting.

Cesar Carrillo