Finesse Basketball Skills

Guide To Learning Basketball By: Adrian O.


Basketball is a sport that millions of people love, it is a simple sport, and its easy to play. To play Basketball you need to know positions, in game actions, and you need equipment.


To start off you need to know the positions of Basketball. Point Guard, Shooting Guard, Small Forward, Power Forward, and Center are the positions of Basketball. Point Guards and Shooting Guards shoot the ball often, and are quick and not so tall. Small Forwards and Power Forwards are powerful and play down low, but if you are a skilled Forward you can shoot decently. Forwards usually are strong and buff. Centers are very strong and get a lot of rebounds. Centers stay down low and only a couple of Centers can shoot real well.

In-Game Actions

Also, to play Basketball you should know in game actions. Rebounding is when someone misses and you get the ball. An assist is when you pass the ball to somebody and they make a shot right after. A block is when your opponent tries to take a shot and you smack the ball down. A steal is when your opponent is dribbling the ball and you take the ball from them without fouling your opponent.


Lastly, you need equipment to play Basketball. If you are going to play a pickup game with your friends, you just need a ball, shoes, and a Basketball goal. But, if you are playing actual Basketball you need a ball, a Basketball goal, well fitted tied shoes, (optional) headband and other accessories, and socks.


Basketball is a fun sport. With just the right knowledge and skill of Basketball you might become a pro at it.
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