Becoming a Teacher Project

By: Ashlyn Santos

How do I become a teacher in Texas?

According to the Texas Education Agency, you must earn your Bachelors Degree, complete an educator preparation program, pass certification exams, submit a state application, and then complete finger printing.

Earning your Bachelors degree.

To earn your Bachelors degree you must earn it from an accredited college or university.

Complete an Educator Preparation Program

All people must take this program in order to take the certification exams to become a teacher.

Pass Certification Exams

In order to submit a State Application you must pass the Certification Exams from completing the Educator Preparation programs.

Submit a Sate Application

After all the requirements are met, the next step is to submit a State Application.

Complete fingerprinting

All first-time applicants must be fingerprinted as part of a national criminal background check.

College Degree Planning

What classes do students need to take?

In your first two years of college their are certain requirement classes you will have to take. Though you may want to get a degree in teaching Mathematics, you can take more courses on that subject along with your requirement classes you have to take. During your Junior and Senior year, you will have to take the requirement classes (which will be most your classes) that go with what your trying to major in. You will also be taking a couple of these classes your freshman and sophomore year.

How long are the classes and how many credits are they?

Most classes are three hours a week, and are typically three credits. If its only for one hour a week it will be one credit for that class.

How many credits are needed to graduate in 4 years with a bachelors degree?

To earn a bachelors degree you need to accumulate 120 credit hours, and about 40 courses. Which means students should take 15 credit hours per semester.

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