The Gator Gazette

May 2016

Goodbye Winter And Hello Spring!

by Shelby R.

The weather this year has been strange, we had some very warm winter days and chilly spring days lately. But, say goodbye to winter and hello to spring because spring started on March 20! We've been having a lot of outdoor recess, but in the winter we did not have as much outdoor recess because of the cold and snowy weather. Here is two poems about spring and winter.


Winter you stay in and cuddle

Get your blankets and get in a bundle

You can go outside and sled

But if you get a cold you have to stay in bed

Marshmallows are burning by the fire sill

When wind comes and gives you a chill

Ice spills

And Water Fills

Watching movies with your family

Snowflakes make our noses so tickly


Spring showers bring

May flowers

Bears are in hibernation

And you can go on vacation

You can play outside

And go on a bike ride

Fresh air you

Could hardly bare

Go swimming in the ocean

Let’s go and buy some lotion
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10 Ways to Become a Better Writer

by Anthony Lomma

  1. Read Styles of Writing

You should read how other people write their stories in their books so you know different styles of writing. Examples of writing styles are: persuasive, narrative, expository, descriptive, and old English. Some examples of people who use great styles are: J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and Laura Ingalls Wilder.

2. Use your Imagination

You can use your imagination by thinking of any dream that was interesting. Just think of something that you love. Maybe you can think about your favorite book, your favorite movie, or your favorite color.

3. Learn More Vocabulary

You can learn vocabulary by looking for synonyms in books, in thesauruses, or read them every day and learn how to use them in your own pieces.

4. Research the Topic

You can research the topic by going on the web or getting books from the library on that topic or your writing piece. When going on the internet do not go to any ads, htmls, or unknown networks.

5. Write for an audience

You can write for an audience by making your sentences and words appealing to make the reader want to read more about the topic.

6. Learn how to edit

You can learn how to edit by sounding words out, and to see if it makes sense or not.

7. Learn how to proofread

You can learn how to proofread by looking if you need a sentence or not, if you need a word or not, see if the sentence makes sentence to you (read it out loud and sound out each and every word in your head), etc.

8. Write a lot every day

You can write a lot every day by writing a lot of pieces at home and at school so you can get a lot of practice on how to become a better writer.

9. Write down your ideas for your writing piece

You can write down your ideas so you can know what your story will be about, what your characters are going to be, etc.

10. Learn styles to use in your own everyday pieces

You can learn styles by reading most books in some libraries and stores. In other ways it means that you can read some of the time. Books are everywhere and in those books every single one is unique because everyone one uses there own very creative style.

3rd Grade TASK Visit

By Charlotte B. and Mathilda RW

The third grade class 3’0S visited T.A.S.K. on Tuesday April 19, 2016

They dropped off hygiene products the students have brought in. They were able tl get a tour of the of the soup kitchen and see what some of their jobs they do around the T.A.S.K.. They also saw some people studying for high school diplomas with a tutor. Then they got to see a picture of the founder. Then they got to see the rules of the T.A.S.K. and what was going on in the kitchen. And the day before that, they got to pack up the bags of the hygiene products and T.A.S.K stands for TRENTON AREA SOUP KITCHEN. Right next to T.A.S.K. was a dog shelte rand of course most of the kids wanted a dog! We had lots of fun!

4th Grade STEM

by Jack V.

This year, a handful of 3rd graders from Toll Gate Grammar have been selected to go to Bear Tavern Elementary for a program called STEM, starting in 4th grade. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Those kids will be going to Bear Tavern next year to participate in the HVRSD STEM program. When you see them, wish them good luck!

Amulet Book Review

by Jack V.

Have you read the book series Amulet?

If not, Amulet, a book series by author Kazu Kibuishi, is about a family of three, moving to a new house two years after their dad had died.The house has been in the family since their Great Uncle Silas moved in. The older child, Emily, walks into Silas’ study room and finds an amulet under a book. When she touched it, it cut her finger. Later that night, Navin, the younger child hears a strange noise down in the basement. A large, tentacled creature grabs the mother and lures the entire family into a new world called Alledia.

Read this series to find out more!

Music Monthly

By Izzy B. and Stevie S.

Here's what's trending in pop music this month!

Cupcakes Are Cute!

By Stevie S. and Izzy B.

  • The record for eating the most cupcakes in the shortest time is 29 cupcakes in 30 seconds
  • Cupcakes can be referred to as Fairy cakes in Britain or patty cakes in Australia
  • The world's smallest cupcake ever made was 1.5 cm tall and 3 cm wide. It was created to celebrate national cupcake week.
  • On average U.S adults eat one cupcake per day
  • Sprinkles cupcakes was the first cupcake-only bakery in the U.S in 2005


By Mathilda RW And Charlotte B.

Bored? Just read this list to find out what to do

  • Draw a picture

  • Plant flowers

  • Ride scooteR

  • Play with your pet outside

  • Make your own Garden

  • Go on a swing

  • Go to a local park

  • Play a sport

  • Hangout with a friend

  • Why not dance!

  • Have a snack outside

  • Make some spring and summer cookies

  • Go swimming

  • Have a party

  • Just sit outside

  • Go shopping

  • Ride a bike

  • Make a birdhouse

  • Listen to a song

  • Write a poem

  • Take pictures

  • Write a comic about spring and summer

  • Write a poem about the outd

  • Run a race with a sibling

  • A hula hoop contest

  • Bird watch


Ways To Stay Safe

By Anthony L. and Juliana L.

  1. Look both ways when you cross the street: A car could be coming

  2. Don’t run up or down stairs: You could trip

  3. Hold on to the banister when going up or down stairs

  4. Never tell a stranger your personal information

  5. Never get in a stranger’s car.

  6. Don’t chew on things that aren’t edible: You could choke

  7. Don’t go away from your parents in the store, street, etc.

  8. You shouldn’t text or use social media with a stranger

  9. Try to stay away from websites that need your personal information

Talk with your parents and family members about more ways to stay safe!

House Cats Are Cool

by Jack V.

House cats can be your furry friends for life. They live for 20 years and love to play. If you are lonely, you can adopt a cat and it will be your friend forever. House cats also chase mice out of your home.

Caring for your cat

Cats need a lot of energy and attention, so keep your cat happy. Some cats like to go outside with you, to keep you company, and to chase squirrels. Cat kibble is a popular way to feed your cat. Does your cat have bad breath? There are treats that act like toothbrushes for cats!

Have fun with your furry friend!

Spring and Summer Snacks

By Izzy B. and Stevie S.

Sprite Gummy Bear Popsicles


  • Popsicle Mold

  • Popsicle Sticks

  • Gummy Bears

  • Sprite


1. Fill molds about three fourths way full with sprite

2. Drop in gummy bears

3. Place popsicle stick into mold

4. Freeze until fully frozen


Upcoming Spirit Days!

Reporting from the Toll Gate Student Council. Here is a list of the spirit days for this school year. Kids love these days and everyone should enjoy participating!

June 15: Idol Day


by Liam R. and Colin H.