The Roomba Robot

BY: Sara Salgado

1. I picked the Roomba Robot because it can do things other robots can't.

2.It vacuumes for you

3.It is used mostly in homes

4.It has a sensor that is used to avoid obstaclesand to move from room to room without trouble.

5.some adventages are that you can leave the Roomba Robot unattended. It reaches places regular vacumes can't.There really is no disadvantages to the Roomba Robot.

6.A impact the roomba robot has on the society is that it helps people alot. Especially people who have a busy schedule.

7.It can't really create a job or employment for people.

8.It can be updated to a larger size to suck up more trash

9. The roomba robot can do diffrent things

10.Idon't really have any concerns for robots

11.I think its okay because most people don't have time for little things like vacuuming

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