Alicia Quennell

Teacher Librarian, Sandalwood Heights Secondary

A little bit about me

While working at Sandalwood Heights I have had the opportunity to implement a variety of collaborative teaching and learning strategies while ensuring every student and teacher has the chance for success and growth. I continue to be committed to providing a safe, caring, and supportive learning environment for all.

During my career in Peel, I have had extensive involvement in the school’s community outside of the classroom by attending several Professional Development opportunities, attaining Additional Qualifications including my English and Librarianship Specialist, running the White Pine Book Club, organizing a Black History Month guest speaker and performer, participating as a Literacy Committee member, and developing the Girls Cricket program here at Sandalwood as a co-coach. These experiences have given me great insight while broadening my perspective as a teacher.

Teaching Philosophy

I truly believe that given the opportunity, support, and time, ALL students and teachers want to learn and improve. By working in both our Library and English departments, I will continuously work to embody this philosophy by offering opportunities to make choices and work together to learn.
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Teaching Experience

Day School Teaching Experience

Sandalwood Heights Secondary School

· Full Time Teacher Librarian (2015 – Present)

Streetsville Secondary School

· Full Time Teacher Librarian (2010 – 2015)

Streetsville Secondary School

· English Department (2007 – 2010)

Rick Hansen Secondary School

· English Department (2006 – 2007)

Streetsville Secondary School

· English Department (2005 – 2006)

Continuing Education Teaching Experience

Thomas L. Kennedy Secondary School

· Teacher Librarian (Night School 2015)

Mississauga Secondary School

· Teacher Librarian (Summer School 2014)

Brampton Centennial Secondary School

· English Teacher of OLC 4O0 (Night School 2013)

Glenforest Secondary School

· Teacher Librarian (Summer School 2013)

Glenforest Secondary School

· English Teacher of OLC 4O0 (Summer School 2013)

Rick Hansen Secondary School

· English Teacher of OLC 4O0 (Summer School 2011)

The Woodlands Secondary School

· English Teacher of ENG 3C0 (Summer School 2006)


2014 Librarianship, Specialist

2013 Librarianship, Part 2

2009 Librarianship, Part 1

2008 Honours Specialist, English

2004-2005 York University

· Bachelor of Education, Faculty of Education

· Intermediate/Senior Division (Basic Qualifications: English and History)

1999-2003 Carleton University

· Bachelor of Arts, Honours

· Major in English and Minor in History

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Please find below some of my other experiences to date.

Leadership Experience

PowToon Personal Intro Activity

Ms Quennell - Personal Intro

Professional Learning

Collaborative Inquiry

While working at SSS I had the great opportunity to develop and deliver a three week Action Research Project centered on digital technology, problem based learning, and student success. I thoroughly enjoyed working as a team with my colleague and the ITRTs on this project, and we demonstrated the important work that cross-curricular teams can do.

More recently here at SHSS, I have been actively working with the ENG3C0 classes on a Reading Project that focuses on enhancing their stamina and supports building their reading experiences to prepare for future pathways leading to post secondary school.

21st Century Teaching & Learning

At both SSS and SHSS I actively promote the 24/7 Library Learning Commons. This includes creating an Office 365 page (first Library one in Peel) and Twitter account for the LLC that is accessible at all times. I also participated on the school Technology Committee, and spearheaded the induction of the Technasium at SSS.

I continue to demonstrate competence using technology and have participated in a Library specific workshop series focusing on technology in the Library Learning Commons. I feel that seamless integration of technology into my teaching practice demonstrates my ability to provide collaborative, equitable, and interactive instruction for all students.

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SHSS Office 365 Page

This site provides 24/7 access for staff and students to all the collaborative work completed in our Library Learning Commons.

SHSS Twitter Feed

The LLC Twitter feed is constantly updated to identify all the great work being done in our Library Learning Commons.

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School & Community Involvement

While working at Streetsville Secondary School I actively participated outside of my class by working on the Literacy committee, organizing author visits (see images below) to benefit multiple departments, and coached multiple sports. I presented regularly at staff meetings, helped on the Grad and Commencement Committees, and ran the school newspaper.

While working here at SHSS, I have already demonstrated my involvement in a number of ways. I have participate on the Literacy Committee, am the staff sponsor for the Chess Club, and started the first Varsity Girl’s Cricket team with Coach Whiting. I continue to run the White Pine Reading Club and collaborated to prepare a board wide online blogging page for readers (see below) . We have also hosted two Canadian authors last year.

White Pine Peel Readers Blogging Page

This blog was designed to allow whole board access for ALL White Pine Reader Club members of 2015-2016.

Peel Fiction Review Committee & WP Selection Committee

Over the last several years I have been actively involved with the fiction selections making their way into Peel; most specifically as the co-chair of the Peel Fiction Review Committee and as a member of the Annual White Pine Selection Committee. Through the vast amount of reading completed with these committees, I am able to make decisions about the most current, relevant, diverse fiction available for our readers.

My Colleagues Hard at Work!

The Students

Honestly, where would we be without all the amazing students who make our job interesting, challenging, and fun?!?


Love Your Library!

The LLC is open before and after school, and during lunch for collaborative student and teacher work. Please stop by to book your class, select a novel, or just for a change of pace!