Joleen McCoy Science Year


Earthquakes PBL

The Earthquake PBL project was a fun success. You get into groups and you build a house for Tony Stark. You have to build it out of popsicle sticks, clay, string, straws, and it had to be more than 8 inches. I worked with my friends Aimy, Krysten, Cassidy, and Lauren. Then after you are all done building and sketching, our science teacher put it on a shake test table and shook it to make sure that it was able to stay stable and strong during any earthquake. That was the whole point of building the house. Our house was two stories and a square house and our house survived the shake test because we made it very strong. I think Tony would love staying in our house. This was a very fun project and I really enjoyed doing it.

Atmosphere 30 hands project

My atmosphere 30 hands project was a project I really liked. That project was mostly about greenhouse gases, global warming, and climate change and how this is caused from us humans. We did this project on 30 hands and made slides about things like how climate change is caused, results from global warming, what the greenhouse effect is and other things like that. We had to make scripts of what we were going to say while we were recording on 30 hands because we can't just read off the slide. All of the slides we made on pic collage. I think I did really good on my slides because I added interesting facts and cool backgrounds and colors. My 30 hands project was a great success.

Invention Convention

Invention Convention was a super fun project and I really enjoyed doing it. I worked in a group with my friends Aimy and Krysten and we had so much fun. We made an invention. Basically, you are to make an invention or an innovation and it has to be something that solves an environental problem. Our problem was solving all the trash and waste that is in the ocean and on land. So he pretty much vacumms places and clears up all the trash in that area. We called ours the waterproof trash-decomposer but also based on the pixar character Wall-e!! We also had to use different trash from home(everybody had to) and we used cardboard, soda cans, sticks, tape (a lot) blank white paper, and we drew a face on him and he also has a camera on him. You also had to draw a picture of the invention or innovation before like our sketch of what we wanted it to look like and after and how it worked. This project was so much fun and I loved the invention we made.