Writing Portfolio

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About Me

Hi, my name is Zach. I'm currently attending a Virginia high school. I enjoy playing soccer and playing Xbox. I'm also on a recreational bowling team with a 130 average. I have a great personality and i'm really funny.

Why a writing portfolio?

This writing portfolio will be where i post all my writings i do throughout this year. I made it to show my growth in my writing. Also i think it'll be funny to see my old writings a year from now. I'll benefit because it'll show what i did wrong and what i could improve on.

6 word memoir

No money, no job, no fun.

Favorite quote

quote- 12 "A quick temper will make fool of you soon enough"- Bruce Lee

Sun Sentence

I'm like the color blue because I'm mellow.

Reflection of Persuasive essay

Writing the persuasive essay wasn't that bad. My strengths were my vocabulary and the overall structure of my essay. My weaknesses are probably my sentence structure and my transitions. I liked the whole idea of this essay, how we got to create our own award and what not. I didn't really dislike anything anything about it to be honest. If i could go back and change it, I would use bigger words and structure my sentences better. As well as have better transitions. Overall I actually enjoyed writing this essay.

Reflection of Greek Gods essay

After doing the Greek gods essay, I felt confident that I did good. I felt like I rushed through the whole thing though. Considering I typed it up the class it was due, I really rushed it. It was an interesting topic to write about, but still kind of difficult to compare yourself to a god. I enjoyed it overall though and wouldn't mind a similar activity in the future if we had one.

Antigone bio poem


Nasty, mean, crazy

uncle of Antigone, father of Haimon

power, Haimon, blood

rage, frustration, sadness

death, being wrong, Antigone

killed Antigone, Got family killed

Antigone dying, city to prosper