Sports Injuries

Viki Senthil

What are sports injuries?

Sports injuries,are injuries that happen to someone during exercise. They are often caused by a plethora of reasons. Ranging from age to skill to even the most simple mistake of not warming up.

How are sports injuries caused?

Sports injuries are often caused by the wear and tear and improper use and maintenance of muscles. It can be caused by simple stuff such as not warming up, not maintaining good posture and technique, not stretching, or it may also be caused by factors such as age. Younger people, such as kids tend to be more susceptible to these injuries because of how their bodies have not fully developed yet to withstand such impacts.

Common Injuries

How to prevent such injuries

Common ways to prevent such injuries.

1. Always have a warm up routine.

2. Always have a cool down stretching routine.

3. Maintain proper muscles through a good diet.

4. Make sure you have vitamin flowing throughout your body, low vitamin d levels indicate weaker bones, making them more vulnerable to injury.

5. Be cautious when exercising, careful to not over exert yourself.

6. Know your limits, do not try new things which have not been practiced well before.

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