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Dog Barking does not always indicate that a danger is imminent. Sometimes dogs bark simply because they enjoy it, because they feel joy and of course in situations where they should not. No matter how well you have raised your four-legged friend, sometimes he just barks for no apparent reason and where he should not. Many people find it difficult to stop him from doing that. Many dog trainers even despair of this task. Some use reward methods, others swear by E-necklaces, which no dog should wear nowadays. Even the models with pure vibration are now relatively notorious. Barx Buddy offers a good alternative, which is pleasant to use for dog and owner and offers a training effect for the dog.

What is Barx Buddy?

This device is a product designed to train dogs to avoid unwanted behaviour. It does this by using ultrasonic waves. These produce sounds that are not audible to the human ear, but are for the dog. As soon as he perceives the sound, it is unpleasant for him. This in turn signals to him that he is behaving in a way that his owner does not like. However, through the innate "will to please" of each dog, the device is able to make the dog stop the unwanted behaviour. It is absolutely harmless for dog and owner, does not use any chemical substances, but simply a sound that is not even audible to humans.

Why do I need this device?

The device addresses itself to all dog owners, who would like to train their four-legged friend a few behaviors. However, we would like to point out here that the device should only be used by dog owners who know how to use it. Just because the device emits a sound that stops the dog's unwanted behaviour doesn't mean it has to be used in every situation. Accordingly, it should be used primarily by responsible people. Age does not play a role, nor does gender. In addition to the user, the dog itself is also important. If this is extremely sensitive, an application may not be recommended.

Barx Buddy rating and recommendation

We wanted to know more about it and therefore simply tried the product out. The device is clearly arranged and the integrated buttons make it possible to determine what to use which one for. We have several dogs in the editorial department, so it was a bit difficult to try it out at work. However, we gave it to a member of our editorial staff who tested it on his dog. In some cases he barked incessantly, which is why he seemed almost predestined for the experiment.

The dog stopped barking after a short training period at appropriate times. However, we also did a test with another test person. His dog reacted very displeased and sensitive to the noise. He even developed avoidance postures, which is never a good sign for the dog. Accordingly, the judgement was rather average. With some dogs it does a good job, with others you should rather refrain from using it.

Barx Buddy Technical Facts

The technical features include some functions that allow the dog to react precisely when it reacts incorrectly. The device has the following functions:

  • Ultrasonic sound (inaudible to humans)
  • Flashlight
  • Infrared light
  • Two setting options

The ultrasound can also be amplified by optical visual stimuli for the dog. For example, if the ultrasound sound alone does not help, the manufacturer recommends using the flashlight or infrared light. Since the device should always be close at hand, it is additionally equipped with a loop for the wrist.
Barx Buddy

Barx Buddy test and quality characteristics

Usually such training devices are always relatively expensive, but most of them do not succeed. That's why we took a closer look at this device and thought that the quality of workmanship was quite respectable. As far as the quality of the success is concerned, it depends solely on the dog and the owner. If a responsible handling of the device is guaranteed and also the dog cooperates, i.e. he is receptive to this kind of education, it can be a good success that results from it. Otherwise the device can also be relatively disappointing.

Barx Buddy Reviews

We also looked around for other experiences and came across mixed opinions. This is mainly due to the fact that dog training is generally a subject on which everyone has a different opinion. In principle, there are two camps: Some are enthusiastic about the product because they could use it successfully with their dog. The others could not stop the misbehaviour of their four-legged friend by means of the training and are therefore rather disappointed by the success.

And then there is also the third fraction, which resists strictly against the use of such products, because they do not consider it species-appropriate. No matter how you look at it: There are many different opinions, all of which bear witness to our own experience. Everyone tries to educate his four-legged friend in the best possible way. Some get along with the product, others don't. Further customer experiences can be found via this link! *

Where can I order Barx Buddy?

If you want to try it out, you can order the product directly from the manufacturer's website. Ordering is easy and there are also some savings possibilities. To do this, you simply order several devices at once, which then receive a preferential price. This also helps to have practically always a device at the man, or however in the handbag. Payment is made by a reputable and risk-free payment method, the delivery arrives a few working days directly in front of the front door by mail. It really couldn't be simpler, which is why an attempt is advisable.

Who is the supplier of the product?

Barx Buddy is a company based in the USA and has the following address:

PO Box 52171

Phoenix AZ



Homepage: *

There is also the possibility to call there. For the sake of completeness, however, the number 1-213-337-8656 follows here. If you speak English and prefer to write an e-mail instead, you can use the following e-mail address:


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