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Harrington Elementary - August 25th, 2016

Welcome Back Huskies!

Dear Harrington Parents, Grandparents, and Guardians,

Welcome back to our new school year 2016-17! We geared up for your return starting in mid-July. I anticipate about 430 students to be enrolled by opening day on August 22. Thanks to all parents for updating or creating your parent portal information. This is how we keep current on all emergency contacts and medical needs. If you need guidance creating this vital link, send an email to or follow the link for parents on the district home page.

You probably noticed we have roof construction in progress. As neighborhood residents, you are well aware of last spring’s storms and the damages caused to every roof in our attendance zone. Our flat roof took a real pounding. Once school starts, the daily work will start at 3 pm and end at the appointed evening times. All work should be completed by mid-September.

You will enjoy meeting our new administrative intern, Ashala Morris. Mrs. Morris will be on campus 2.5 days/week on average. She was a counselor at Brinker Elementary for 7 years and a classroom teacher in North Texas prior to her promotion. I know your children will find her sense of humor and caring attitude another plus at Harrington.

Please remember to always have your carpool tag on display when you pick up your children. Your back up drivers should be on your emergency card and also have a tag in place when they have the dismissal responsibility. Coach Brenda Thompson is our new PASAR site manager and she will be responsible for PASAR dismissals at the west doors.

Arrive by 7:35 to drive through quickly. Instruction starts at 7:45 which means each child should be in the door no later than 7:40.

Thank you for supporting our safety and instructional plans. We always do our best to make Harrington the very best school for your children as well as a home away from away.


Ann Irvine

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