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Leasing & Marketing Update: September 2016

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We are very pleased to invite you to explore our brand new Lead2Lease UI by visiting

We have been hard at work improving and enhancing the Lead2Lease product, and today we are excited to announce that we have designed and developed a brand new User Interface for the site! As we’ve undertaken this design and development, we’ve kept a few key things in mind:

  • Ease of Use – we have built a much more open and accessibly design, with a modern, open UI that makes it easier to use the application!
  • Consistency – we are rolling out consistent design standards across RealPage products, including Marketing Center and Social, to provide a consistent user experience and make it easier to navigate between products!
  • Change Management – while we have dramatically improved the look and feel of Lead2Lease, we have not made major changes to the structure or workflows, so users will not have to be re-trained!
  • Responsive design – the new UI is optimized for tablet use, and over the next several months we will be rolling out mobile-optimized pages as well: you will be able to manage your traffic on Lead2Lease easily on and efficiently no matter device you are using!


Take a peek at the new look for Leasing & Marketing Social Product. This is part of a larger initiative to create a unified look and feel for all RealPage solutions. There are no changes to the functionality at this time, so don't worry. We just wanted you to see what is coming!



Now you can easily view your property's Website Analytics through the CMS Admin page. Track Pageviews, Session Duration and Bounce Rates and view your Website Visitors. This page allows you to always "Be In The Know!"

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A total of 74 support tickets were submitted for the month of August for Leasing & Marketing products.

  • Lead2Lease - 59
  • Marketing Center - 8
  • Websites - 4
  • Classifieds - 3



  • A total of 491 leads were generated for the month of August with an average of 0.45 leads per post.
  • The top 10 performers generated 296 leads, contributing to 60.3% of total lead volume.




Revolutionize Your Package Delivery Process with The EGG

Handling increased shipments of packages from growth in online shopping has been intensely debated in the apartment industry in last two years. NMHC has studied the impact of package delivery in the apartment industry by conducting surveys that polled apartment managers andresidents. According to recent NMHC/Kingsley Associates research, a typical apartment community can receive as many as 100 packages a week and double that during the holidays. The majority of management offices accept packages for residents, and 72 percent of residents want a package storage/holding area.

All this, plus projections that total retail sales for online transactions maintain upward growth in the percent of overall sales and are seemingly on pace with a Forrester Research study that projects they will be 10.3 percent of all retail sales by 2017.

So what’s the multifamily industry to do about it? While some property management companies discuss limiting the number of packages residents can receive without charge, other apartment communities are considering package locker systems like The Egg from RealPage.

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RealPage Commits to the NMHC Research Foundation

At RealPage, we are committed to sharing our resources on behalf of the industry. During the keynote address at RealWorld, we announced our expanded relationship with NMHC and RealPage’s selection as a Founding Partner of the NMHC Research Foundation.

The new NMHC Research Foundation is dedicated to apartment industry research. It will address critical voids in apartment data and raise the industry’s standard of performance.

RealPage will contribute $500,000 to kick-start the next generation of industry insight and analysis. As well, we’ll make a contribution that consists of access to RealPage’s repository of information and analytical abilities. Our objective—in conjunction with NMHC—is to make our industry smarter and more effective in improving our lives, and those of our residents for many years to come.

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SEO Today is More Than Just Keywords

By Stephanie Daugherty

While it is always important to optimize your site for search engines like Google, the factors that Google takes into consideration are consistently changing and the “keyword” is not as important as it used to be. In recent months it has become clear that the aspects of your website that contribute to a user’s overall “experience” are more important than ever in the eyes of search engines and that focusing SEO only around keywords is a thing of the distant past. In light of this, you may be asking yourself: “What makes for a good experience when someone visits my website?” The great news is, creating this positive journey for a visitor is probably a lot easier than you think.

Some Easy Steps You Can Take:

  • Make sure your website is eye catching, but is using colors and themes that makes it easily readable to your visitors.
  • Your website should be easy to navigate with links and tabs that put you on the page they said they were going to.
  • Don’t clutter your pages with too many images.
  • Any images you want to use, be sure they are high-resolution and high quality, including logos.
  • Include robust content that highlights the positives of your property, especially on the home page.
  • Do not “keyword stuff” your content, make sure that any content flows and reads naturally if you are going to include keywords.
  • Make it easy for visitors to contact you (visible phone numbers, short contact forms, etc.)
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