Jane Ball Happenings

February 1- February 5

Shout Outs

Huge shout out to Marcie for coming in on Sunday with Jack to ensure that we were ready with OBOS. Please also say thank you to Erin if you see her. She came in Sunday as well to make sure we got our shipments.

Thanks to Lesley, Tracy and Marcie for their script writing for the flash mob.

Thanks to our Coach Valerie for her talent, wisdom and patience of working with our Jane Ball Dancers! You are the best!!!!

Teacher Evaluations

Just a friendly reminder that you should continue to work on your personal PD goals. To help share what you are learning you are most welcome to include artifacts and or reflections. Please make sure you have submitted in your artifacts what your current Personal PD for this year is. Remember this can be changed if you need to you simply submit and updated artifact (reflection) and describe the reason for the change and what you are working on and why.

Valentines Day Party

Please be mindful of the smart food rules that Isabella went over with us. Please let the office and myself know what your plans are for parties.

ISTEP Window for Applied

The ISTEP applied will start the week of Feb. 29th. Once we have secured ISTEP testing schedules I will share that out with all of you.

Whats Happening:


8:00 One Book One School Practice

2:00 Assembly


8:00 Team Meetings

9:00 Deb at Admin Principals Meeting


8:00 Climate

1:00-3 pm Deb and Bea High Ability Meeting at Admin


8:00 Tech Sub Committee- Conference room

Grade 3 with Marcie 8:30-11:30

K with Marcie 11:30-3:30

HS meeting with Deb, Ms. West and Tracy Sheehy 3:30


8:00 Deb meets with grades 3-5 Vertical Articulation ---ISTEP

8:00-11:30 Diana with grade 1 Math

Discipline Referrals

  • I have not been as visible as I would like to be with the student due to various case conference, meetings etc. That being said we had a abundance of discipline referrals this week. In particular at recess and dismissal. Please front load your students.
  • Remember if you refer your student to the office you must have an official write up form for the student. I will follow up with you. I expect that if you are having difficulty with specific students you should be making phone calls and/or meeting face to face with the parents to address the behaviors. I can sit in on these conferences if need be.
  • Remember that some of our students come from some very tough situations and we need to lend support and guidance. These issues, which we have no control over in the home, do follow them and impact their academics. From the minute they enter our doors until they leave in the afternoon they are our kids:) Yes we need to give consequences but we also have to help address the behaviors and teach them. Thank you all for your heart as we service our kids. That has always been a huge strength here at JB!!!!!

Assessment Information

WIDA Assessment- January 11- Feb 26

STAR 36 Window was extended through Feb 5

ISTEP Part 1 Feb 29-March 11

PTO News

Reminder that PTO needs volunteers for the fun fair. It is Saturday Feb 27th. PLEASE sign up to help!

One Book One School

Marcie will be sending out an email with directions on distributing the books to the students. Please make sure you are talking this up in your parent communications and please share any pictures with Marcie of students reading or you reading Stuart Little for the website.

The kick off assembly will take place Monday at 2:00 pm. Please frontload students on Assembly procedures.

High School Students

They're BACK!

The high school would like to have teacher cadets again! They have a class of 17 students. I am meeting with the sponsor and Ms. West on Thursday. Please email me if you are interested. It is my understanding they will be coming at 2:00 daily and can help with bulletin boards, working with students etc.

I need to know by Wednesday if you are interested.