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March Newsletter


Well y'all, it is MARCH already! Can you believe it? Spring is JUST around the corner and I can almost feel those nice warm, breezy spring days...can't you? (Or maybe that is just wishful thinking hehe). We've had a busy few months with some Special Limited Edition Holiday items that sold out quickly, a few Pop-Up Shops, some retiring items and my One Year Anniversary with O2!! And Spring is going to be just as busy and amazing.

And with Spring comes...


This is what I can tell you about our new spring products:

1. I have new Take Out Menus headed my way in about a week.

2. If you REQUEST a TOM from me...I will put a SPECIAL coupon inside just for you when I mail it out. But you have to request your TOM from me ASAP!

3. O2 is moving towards all charms being 3D (no more flipping charms!)

4. I have SEVERAL sneak peeks of things that are being launched on ....... MARCH 17th!!! along with ways to earn FREE spring products and even a GIVEAWAY of........ our new TWIST Locket (with interchangeable enamel COLORED faces!) with TWO new charms (see below) but you HAVE to be a part of my Facebook Event by clicking HERE and joining to be eligible to win prizes! I will also be posting my PRE-SALE information (with discounts) there as soon as I get TOMs and know pricing.

How Do You Feel About Earning an O2 Exclusive iPad Mini??!

Oh yes, you read that right.

If you have been throwing around the idea of joining Origami Owl but haven't decided to take that step yet (best step I've ever taken btw ;)), NOW is the time!

Origami Owl is offering this amazing incentive during the month of March, and the best part? IT IS SOOOOOOO doable! I kept thinking "there HAS to be a catch here. Right? WRONG!"

It is as simple as this

1. Join O2 and start your very own O2 journey...It's ONLY $149 to buy your kit. Where else can you start your own business for so little?

2. Sell $500 Personal Volume (wholesale) by the end of the month. That is roughly ONE Jewelry Bar! Plus keep all your Retail Commission (For a Jewelry Bar with $500 wholesale, you will earn about $400 in Commission!). Yea, that's right...earn your initial out of pocket expense back during your FIRST Jewelry Bar and then some!

3. Share the opportunity with others and have 3 designers join your team and each must sell the $500 to be qualified designers for this Incentive. (So, they each just need to have their launch party to qualify).

That is IT y'all!! You can earn your own iPad Mini, your team members can earn their iPad Mini and you will ALL be making money like crazy! (Not to mention that you will also earn commission on your downline sales as well.) Especially with the new product launch coming soon!

I will even OFFER an additional incentive for anyone who chooses to join under me this month. But this one will be a surpriseeee.........
WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! Hehe. No really...if you have any questions, shoot me an email at Kelley@HootingLockets.com or message me on FB and I will love to answer them for ya.

Hostess Exclusive January-March

You only have one month left to get this quarters Hostess Exclusive! This enamel locket is beautiful in photos, but breathtaking in person. Don't miss out!

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