The Last Peek at the Week

June 2, 2019

5 Days

In 5 days, you will walk out of your classroom for the final time this school year. So much has happened over the course of the past 180 days. I hope that you will spend some time reflecting about the joys, sorrows, frustrations, and happy times that you experienced with your students this year. Take the time to think about what you will do exactly the same because it worked, but more importantly, what you will do differently because it didn't work. Make memories this summer and spend as much time as you can with those you love! Thank you for being a part of this school year at Cedar Grove. :-)

I found this and thought I would share. Such a precious idea!

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Wrapping Up

Remember the following:

1. Profile cards go in my office

2. White folders go to Stacey's room

3. Complete the steps on your check-out sheet and turn those sheets into me before leaving Friday with any classroom maintenance issues

This Week's Schedule

Monday: 4th grade Celebration of Learning at 8:30, Talent Day

Tuesday: 5th grade graduation, Talent Day

Wednesday: 4th Nine Week's Winner House Party and Year winner celebration at 9:00, Dismissal at 11:00, 5th grade meeting at 1:00, 4th grade meeting at 2:00.

Thursday: Dismissal at 11:00, students pick-up report cards, 2nd grade meeting at 11:30, Salad lunch at 12:00, 3rd grade at 1:00, 1st grade meeting 2:00, K4/K5 meeting at 2:30

Friday: Related arts meeting at 8:30, special ed./ESOL meeting at 9:30, Faculty meeting at 10:30

June Planning

I hope you have been able to get some much needed rest this weekend. I also hope that you feel like you are in better shape this week as far as finishing up all the many tasks that go along with closing out a school year.

I know it can be difficult to learn something new and/or think of plans for the upcoming year when you are at the end of a busy school year. Our final day will be much different this year. Typically in the past, the final day has been a day to come in, finish up, and leave early. This year, our district was able to secure a guest speaker for some teachers on the final day. Although I know you are ready to head into summer, I believe Friday will be a beneficial day for us as we look to next year.

Mrs. Harrison has been able to secure a teacher from New York to come and speak to kindergarten through 2nd grade teachers Friday. This will be held at the Career Center and lunch will be provided. For all other staff members, I sent out a schedule earlier for our day Friday. One change is the Salad Lunch. We moved it to Thursday so that we can all be together.

One task that we will work on Friday is determining the following as grade levels. I wanted to go ahead and get this out to you so that you can be thinking and talking with one another.

1. What do you need as a teacher and/or team that I can include in our Title One plan this summer? I cannot include furniture of any kind, but can include any books and/or materials that relate to science, social studies, math, writing, and ELA. I must put needs in our plan this summer in order to have money for it next year.

2. What field trip would you like to take next year and how much should I include in our Title One plan to help with costs? Again, I have to include the specific trips and amounts needed in order to help with funding.

For grades K-2, please get this information to me before leaving Friday. For grades 3-5 and all other staff, you can get it to me when we meet. If I don't get this information from you, I won't be able to include it in our plan this summer and you won't have funding for these two things. This is super important that your team sends in this information.

Dress comfortable this week! See you tomorrow.