Animal adaptation



S Masefield

Aye-ayes have a number of

adaptations for nocturnal living

(they tend to come out at night).

They have big eyes and ears to

help them see and hear well in the

dark. They also have special thin

fingers to help them find bugs and

grubs to eat.

Many species adapt to their habitat

to help them survive in difficult places.

An adaptation is a special skill which helps

an animal to survive and do everything it

needs to do.

Adaptations could be physical

changes to the animals body or

behavioural changes in how an

individual animal or a society do

things in their daily lives.

A Lea

Meerkats have dark

circles round their

eyes, which act like

sunglasses, helping

them see even when

the sun is shining very


Aye-ayes also have

long bushy tails to

help them balance

and keep them warm.

Some animals use camouflage

colours to help them blend in with

the background and stop predators

seeing them. Sometimes predators

also use it to avoid being spotted