Library Laudables

Southwestern Heights JH/HS Library ~ March 2014

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Technology Trends

iMotion HD ~ a FREE app!

iMotion HD allows you to easily make your own movie by taking photos with your device. You can use iMotion to make time-lapse animations (cloud moving in the sky, plants growing, ...) or stop-motion animation (puppet animation, cartoons, ...).

ARKive ~ nonfiction articles

Click here to view ARKive, a wonderful site for nonfiction articles, especially science. Doing research? Try this out. Make sure you visit the Educate tab.


Read Across America Day

Celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday with us on March 3! View the displays and check out the Dr. Seuss books in the library. Also, be on the lookout for Thing 1 and Thing 2 to make their annual appearance with snacks in hand!

CLICK HERE for an AWESOME collection of online Dr. Seuss videos.

History of St. Patrick's Day

Visit the History Channel for some wonderful videos on the history of St. Patrick's Day!

Spring Break

Need a place to recommend to your parents for Spring Break? Look through the Travel Channel's suggestions.

The History Place

This month in history . . .

Click here to view the happenings in March throughout history! You'll learn so much in so little time. : )

New Books

Books to Movies

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