Wanted:cruel treatment to compition

John D. Rockefeller

The Big Business he achieved his fortune in

He achieved his fortune in the oil company and became world wide known as the wealthiest man.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Society gets lots of the oil Disadvantage
  • The prices of the oil goes up for them to get the oil because he doesn't have competition.

How he treated his competition

  1. He would spy on other company's
  2. He secretly bought out other company's, and then used them to buy out other competition.
  3. He would offer them to sell out. or they would become bankrupt.

How he would treat his workers

  1. He would treat them
  • There pay was reasonable and the conditions weren't harsh.
2. It was not out of the kindness of his heart though.

  • If the workers were unhappy, there was a higher chance that the news would get involved.
  • If they new were to get involved with his company there would be more trouble for him to deal with.
3. He only did it to save himself from more trouble

How he spent his money. Did he give money to Charity??

  1. He did donate money to numerous organizations such as:
  • Numerous Colleges
  • War relief efforts
  1. Millions of dollars to both organisations

Why was a he a Robber Baron?

  1. He treated others nicely only because he had to
  2. He always threatened his competition
  3. He only got the money because he would cheat by making other businesses drop out.