Office of BCAA Alumni Relations


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On 13th January 2016, the Office of BCA Academy Alumni Relations met up with some of the members of the ever first BCAA Alumni Executive Committee over dinner.

The members expressed they felt a sense of home when they returned back to the campus after graduation. An evening over great drinks and food made the atmosphere lovely. Members got to mingle and catch up with some of their lecturers, reminiscing fond memories. Younger members of the executive committee were also inspired by their seniors from earlier graduating batches and have learnt much from their experience. New connections were forged.

With the convergence of great talents in their own right, the members also actively contributed many ideas on how to develop the alumni community to the next level. The Office of Alumni Relations and BCA Academy are heartened by their enthusiasm in wanting to contribute to the school and journey along with BCAA's aspirations and goals.

- Ms Sabrina Chew (SBD- SDAR)

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