The Shawl


Rosa Lublin

Rosa Lublin is a young Jewish woman who is sent to a Nazi concentration camp along with her daughter and niece her main focus is to keep her daughter alive for as long as possible even when she knows in the back of her head that her daughter's faith is to die in the but she does everything that she can to delay that from happening.

Magda Lublin

Magda is Rosa's infant daughter who she focuses on most of the day she gives her most of her food so she can survive Magda learns at a young age not to cry so instead she sucks on her shawl she hides under it so she doesn't get found by the guards until Stella takes her shawl because she is cold Magda is found then and then carried away by a guard who then throws her at a electric fence and she dies.


Stella is Rosa's niece who is described in the story as "too small, with thin breasts,” whose knees are “tumors on sticks, her elbows chicken bones.” which was very common at Nazi concentration camps Stellas main action in the story is when she takes Magdas shawl which ends up killing her and the only explanation she gave was “I was cold,”.