home life from the past and now

Ronald Benitez,Esteban Tellez

Changes to home life during the industrial revolution

You see this happening in 1842 one of the leaders is Elizabeth Gaskell's her book Mary Barton showed people how bad the conditions where in housing.

People value our topic because many of the wealthy people did not know how bad it was for the workers. The industrial revolution produced more goods but created horrible living conditions for the workers. Some people went to the city to work but they did not know how bad the conditions were. And a huge differences between owners and workers. Workers work 14 hour shifts and lived in total poverty. The middle class skilled workers managers clerks accountants and others had the money they needed to survive. In an attempt to the contain the disease health boards were set up to establish better standards of sanitation.

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our world today

we have better houses and better rooms and we have washing machines also we have better light. We have pluming for our bath rooms all that has improved our life it makes life easier for us. we have a law that we should have pluming and lighting for our houses.
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