Units of Study

Growing Readers and Writers

With the Noblesville Schools' new Units of Study, our curriculum team would like to share a few resources to help clarify the different parts of the unit template and how the work of each unit, fits together to grow our readers and writers. We know that there will be questions, so we hope this will give you a window into the thinking behind the units and the purpose behind different elements. We look forward to ongoing learning with you, as we implement this new curriculum plan.
Planning with the End in Mind

The Units of Study have been planned backward, looking at end goals to grow our readers and writers. Want to know more? Check out this link and the video below.

ASCD Author Jay McTighe: Greatest Lesson Learned
Transfer Goals

Transfer goals are created by determining what we want students to truly understand... being able to take what they have learned in one way or context and use it in another, on their own. Want to know more about transfer goals? Check out this link.

Enduring Understandings

Enduring understandings are the specific insights, inferences, or conclusions about the big idea you want students to leave with, that are central to the unit. Check out this video, to learn more.

Essential Questions

Essential questions frame ongoing and important inquiries about a big idea. These are questions that promote inquiry, ongoing rethinking, and meaningful discussions. Want to know more? Check out this link and the video, below.

kineticvideo.com -Essential questions 15759
Importance of the Teacher

Even as we look at all the pieces that make up the reading and writing units. We know that the powerful work comes through the amazing things you do in your classroom. Take a look at what Lucy Calkins has to say about the importance of teachers.

Wondering about our previous curriculum units?

Our prior curriculum units are a wonderful science and social studies resource. Please continue to use them for content work. As a professional, you can make instructional decisions about the time of year the content is covered, if the order of units no longer fit your instructional plan.


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Wiggins, Grant and Jay McTighe. Essential Questions. Virginia: ASCD, 2013.