Working and Living conditions

By: Miriam Hewett

Working Conditions

  • 80% of the population was the working class
  • high unemployment rate for workers in the first phases of the Industrial Revolution.
  • workers could not use the democratic political system to fight for rights and reforms
  • In 1799 and 1800, the British Parliament passed the Combination Acts the acts made it illegal for workers to group together and ask for better working conditions.
  • A lot of people with good skills were useless because they could no longer compete with the new machinery

Living Conditions

  • the quality of life decreased a great deal in the first 60 years of the Industrial Revolution
  • the living conditions for skilled weavers significantly deteriorated
  • houses were one nice were now a filthy
  • little time for recreation
  • ban traditional festivals in the cities
  • Out of desperation people turned to “poorhouses” set up by the government
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