Tipsy the mile high cat!

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First off, let me introduce you to our Cat Boarding Singapore , Tipsy. He's a Turkish Angora / Siamese mix.

We first got him, when Franzi & I were living in Melbourne, Australia.

Learning the fine art of... sitting on your human slave's computer at a young age.

Tipsy was my first step to become a crazy Cat Boarding Singapore lover! At the time, it was "forbidden" to keep a pet in our apartment. But a cat isn't a pet right? He's our child!

The first step - smuggling the cat into the apartment!

Although not as dramatic as that, we did have to sneak the cat past a security guard.

We were very nervous at the time. One meow at the wrong time would spell disaster! Luckily for us, Tipsy was very co-operative.

Mission Success!

* please note - He is older in this picture! :)

We had to employ this plan every time there was an apartment inspection. Franzi would bring Tipsy out on the town, seeing the sights of the city.

Tipsy was quite afraid of me initially.

As you know, I'm quite a round person! (something I'm always trying to work on) From Tipsy's point of view, I must look like a giant. He would stick to Franzi 24 hours of the day.

But eventually with a mountain of cat treats, tons of affection and even more patience I stole his heart.

I'm happy to announce he's currently a "daddy's boy"

With the new addition to our family, comes new challenges as well.

Namely, how to save the furniture!

Nowadays there are many products that can help prevent the death of furniture; such as anti-scratch tape, sprays that cats dislike the smell or simply loading your house up on cat scratching posts and lots of praying!

From personal experience, we found that anti scratch tape works best.

But no amount of tape in the world will stop a determined cat.

Sadly, this was a common scene in our house. Many mornings I would find myself lying on top a deflated bed.

Tipsy: 10 Air Beds: 0

I can never bring myself to be angry with Tipsy. I'm sure he didn't mean to kill the bed!

The next challenge was to give him a bath. Luckily for us, he was pretty co-operative.

* Tipsy futilely trying to keep his tail from getting wet.

If it's your first time giving a cat a bath, heres a few helpful tips;

  • Rubber gloves & long sleeve clothing to protect you when your loving cat turns into a lion!
  • Don't spray your cats head with water, its usually best to wipe his face with a wet cloth.
  • Try your best to rinse out all the cat shampoo, as residue might cause skin irritation.
  • Last but not least, secure all the exits! Given a chance your cat will try and run away.

Every cat reacts differently to a bath. Feel free to share your cat bathing experiences with us!

The topic of the next blog will be Tipsy International Travels!

Stay Tuned!



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