Amazing Accountable Talk

MGES Literacy Coach Newsletter January 2015

Whoo hoo! 2015- Here We Come!

Welcome back! We hope you had a restful and enjoyable break.

This month's newsletter focus is about read alouds that incorporate accountable talk strategies. The coaches at Estes Hills have also created a video about accountable talk and content areas that is informative and funny.

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Benefits of Including Accountable Talk Strategies in Daily Read Aloud Sessions

*Increased student engagement in the read aloud

*Allows space to clarify and untangle misconceptions and misunderstandings

*Encourages higher order thinking

*Can lead to increased understanding of new vocabulary terms

*Allows the group to co-construct an understanding of the text

*Provides a shared sense of schema for class to refer back to in future read alouds and experiences

*Approaches reading comprehension from a lens of equity and allows all students to build upon each other's ideas

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Example of a Rubric for Students to Use in Evaluating their Participation

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Accountable Talk Discussion Tip

To balance the conversation in the classroom, you can give students "talking chips." For each contribution they make to the conversation, they turn over one of their chips. When they are out of chips, they are out of turns to talk. This helps students to learn be more thoughtful about when and what they contribute and ensures everyone has a chance to participate.

Links to CHCCS Text Discussion Lesson Plan Folders

Thanks Utah Reading First Educators!

The link below will take you a document created by Reading First educators in Utah that has lessons for 101 popular children's books such as Too Many Tamales and The Relatives Came. Each lesson includes questions that can be utilized during a read aloud, lists of Tier 2 vocabulary in the text, and vocabulary activities based on some of the Tier 2 vocabulary words.

Lori and Meredith's Charts to Support Accountable Talk

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Gretchen's Corner

I know that teachers spend a lot of time crafting accountable talk lessons with read alouds. We often get library books returned by teachers with sticky notes on various pages detailing notes and questions. Please be sure to take the stickies out before you bring the books back. To save time next year, put the stickies on a piece of paper and file them. Voila - instant lesson!

Feel free to leave stickies in books from your mentor text tubs. At the end of the year, put your name on the tub and we'll check the same one out to you in the fall.

Great Growth Mindset Video